Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jun Birthday Bash 2011

Hello everyone!
based on the title, I would like to share my second experience (first experince for my sister) on celebrating Arashi member's birthday with other Arashian.

it is Matsujun's birthday that we celebrated on 7th October ago. it was a great moment I had with other members. getting new friends with great moments is the thing that I am grateful it happened on that day.

we celebrated Jun's Birtdhay at Cosmic Bowl, Mid Valley. and these are some picture I could share with you. please don't envy on excitement we had. ^_^

scoreboard for Ohno Team and Sho Team

me and my sister. 
yes, my ichiban is not Matsujun either Ninomiya, but try to follow the theme since it was Matsujun's Day, aytt? :D

look at the five Apam with different colors. everyone took all of five since wanted to has every colors of Arashi. 

and, this is the cake!
thank you to the organizer for providing a great taste of cake. it was nice and it was delicious!

it was a layered cake!!! or should I say Arashi was in the cake? :D

and, this is my team.
me, Meena, Yana, Isabelle and Fitrin

it was a great moment. and yeah, since now is my holiday, so I came from Ipoh to KL just to celebrate the day. but, it is worth. ^_^

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Rainbow colours in my life.

Happy 12th Anniversary, dear Arashi!

thank you for being the reason for me to be happy no matter what happen. thanks for being the rainbow that always shining in my life. thanks for bringing the laughter into the sadness I have ever had. 

thank you for being Arashi in these 12 years :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

ARASHI and tears

I would like to share this...totally will melt your heart (again!)

credit to ayashiceres' blog (^_^) i totally copied and pasted this from there..huhu...coz seriously i wanna share the love...

Arashi's Tears ('07 Magazine Interview)

Chinese translation: xuanxuanlu

Ohno Satoshi:
Honestly, men crying isn't something really embarrassing. But I would easily cry in a lot of situations, and I wouldn't want other people to know... There was once I was talking to Nino on the phone, and that kid suddenly said, "Riida, you've always been guiding us like this, truly, thank you... no matter what we say every day, in our hearts our riida's definitely the best! We won't switch you with anyone! Are you listening? You're not dozing off are you?" There was something that filled my heart when I heard this...
I can't even reply anything else but "I'm hanging up". In the end I got lectured by him because of this...
But I'm really bad at saying those things... Those kind children who can look at someone like me as a leader, I really truly love them. If I was in another group, I probably won't be given such attention, therefore I've always been thankful... I'm not goodlooking, neither am I special, but because Arashi is very handsome and very special, therefore even I have become someone amazing...
Maa...I feel very apologetic for someone like me to be leader, but I truly love them, very very much
These idiots, even if they made a mistake where no one can forgive them, I will never be able to leave them be. Only I must protect them... no matter when, even if Arashi doesn't exist anymore... No! If we're all together then Arashi doesn't have an end...
We've walked together to the present, it won't change in the future...
When I think about this, tears will fall...

Sakurai Sho:
When you've grown to a certain age, you will cry less and less...
Maybe you've been numbed by this world. From another perspective it seems like you are losing your innocence, but really it is because you want to become stronger. Therefore I thought even if you feel sad you must endure, to be a man. But a while ago during the tour, all five of us were together talking about the past and suddenly this kid started crying, and I'm not going to mention that the kid is M-kun...
Then Aiba suddenly wrapped his arm around Matsujun's shoulder and started crying as well.
What is this, these idiots....
As I thought of that, I suddenly realized the one hugging them and crying together is myself.
That room became a sea of tears...
If someone saw it they must think 'what is this, these people are gross.' But really, this is how we always are... therefore we feel really happy. It is rare for a group to be able to share each member's tears, therefore I love Arashi. I'm certainly a supporter of Arashi myself.
We are fated to be together.

Aiba Masaki:
Because of a cold, I was late. The staff members got really angry, just when I don't know what to do, Nino suddenly knelt down in front of the staffs. He really didn't have to go so far, but I was really touched at the time! I have a friend who picks me over their own pride...
He values me this way... I thought a lot about this. Maa... although the few months after I had spent a lot of money on this kid. But if it's for the members, I wouldn't feel distressed no matter what I spend. It doesn't matter if it's money or time, or even myself. People who can sacrifice themselves like this actually exist...
All I have to do is think of Arashi, and tears will fall. It was the same when I was sick. I didn't want to be sick, but I've caused a lot of trouble for many people...
The work that was meant for me, the other four took my place, and even took care of me. Therefore I couldn't lie down, I forcefully went on shows. At the time, the Jimusho didn't say anything, but riida and Sho-kun got really angry, they said 'You think you're supposed to be here right now? You can go on shows anytime, take care of yourself first!'
That time I strongly felt the difference between members and the people who I work with. There exist people who unconditionally cared about me, I was so touched that my body starts to tremble... Absolutely unforgettable, no, I certainly mustn't forget. And that weren't tears of grief, but overflowing happiness... it's that...
Because of that, I'm here now.

Ninomiya Kazunari:
I generally don't like the crying atmosphere, but if those tears are honestly from the heart, I will not think it is embarrassing, and it wouldn't be blind sadness, I should say it makes your chest feel warm. Aiba-chan said because I was moved, but actually I was moved by Aiba. I was truly shocked, the idiot who laughs every day suddenly collapsed one day. But that idiot still wants to stay with Arashi even when he was suffering.
In front of the camera he's smiling, off camera he's lying down, can't even utter a word, he really didn't want to leave Arashi's side. A responsible professional, really he's an idiot...
When he smiles while enduring the pain, actually he's crying inside. I think I'm blessed, being able to meet these people. Even though I generally like people, but the affection for Arashi I have confidence that mine won't lose to anyone else. It's the lover in my heart... if I say I can see other people shed tears, it could only be Arashi.
Tears and smiles were shared along our path, I believe it will be the same in the future.
I have become more kind, because Arashi is very kind.

Matsumoto Jun:
I'm someone who cries when seeing a movie, therefore I think crying will make you feel better... Maybe I'll be called a crybaby, but I don't want to lose my tears, my life would become too bare without tears. During my birthday, in the concert where not just the members, but the fans are singing the birthday song as well...
Times when unknown foreigners sent gifts saying they've been supporting me...
When I read about a beautiful love story...
When I see people who give their best through their hardest times, because I can feel the wonderful things in this world, I don't even know why I would start crying hard, the tears at those times would be very warm...
When Arashi is together chatting and laughing, when I see those smiles, my eyes will start to blur.
Because I have this thankful feeling, I always think 'if I'm not together with these people, maybe I would lose myself'... Times when I'm feeling tired, strength was given to me, walking together on the path to the future, pointer to the right direction, from many aspects, it's given by Arashi. Last time when the members secretly planned my birthday party, from the morning they've been keeping silent, I was actually quite angry inside, but they prepared it for embarrassing me. When I see the smiling faces of the members, I turned around and started crying.
The members also knew I would cry... Sho-kun even hugged me. I don't feel embarrassed at all, because we are a family already...
That's why I like to cry... when I cry it feels good....

***credit to sayou@Facebook for this beautiful translation~~

Thursday, March 24, 2011

message from ARASHI

I would like to share something, a message from Arashian...
~~they always touch our hearts ne?


We would like to express our deepest condolences to all of those who have been affected by this earthquake

Everyday, the more we watch news, the more we know about the situation, we become increasingly worried about everyone who's suffered

We've heard that a great deal of fans have been concerned about us, but we're all fine, rest assured

Right now, cooperating with conserving energy and water, not using the phone unless it's urgent, and donating money to relief funds...
that's all we can do to help from where we are in Tokyo
We believe that every little bit helps

What we can do to help is probably limited, but we're trying our best to do what we can,
Because we want to make everyone smile again, if just a little

For everyone in the affected areas,
there's surely still no room to let their guards down,
but all of us members are hoping that you can encourage your friends and family,
as well as those around you
The maybe you can overcome these tough times


we know that they're always there for us rite?

source: chibarashi

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

oh my Japan!!!

hello there! it's been a while for me n my sis to update here.
Sort of buzy I think..
anyway, I really really really want to share my feelings right now..

Everybody knows about what's been happening in Japan right??
It's very much devastating to see all the damage happened..
honestly I can say, if there's no tsunami, Japan may not face any large damage at all right?
Although it was reported that the earthquake was 9.0 richter scale, but Japan is a very well prepared country for earthquake compared to others..but, mother nature has greater force huhuhu....

Yes, i love Japan before i know about Arashi..
and loving Arashi so much made me feel like Japan is my second home after Malaysia..
well,fictionally of course, BECAUSE for me, HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS (^_^)..
that's why, it's very heartbreaking to see all the images..all the cries...all the hardness that people in Japan are facing right now..

I may not rich..but I will help with all my might..
even if MERCY ask anyone who would willingly to volunteer in Japan,even with a big risk (of radiation), i may give my name with all my heart...honest!

though i feel so relief that Arashi is safe. All of them were confirmed safe by their staff, I cant never imagine how much i can bear the pain if something happen to might sound funny,'s true ;P

and for Arashians, well that's why i'm so proud to be one..
there are many communities that put some efforts in raising funds..
if you are interested, you may go here or here
and if you have no money at all, you still can help..
that's the last effort we can do...
we know how hard it is if it's happening in our country..put us in their situation..
we will hope that people will pray for us, will help us, will donate to us..
then, let's do it...what u give,maybe someday u'll get back!

~~writing this with some tears............

Friday, February 4, 2011

Arashi no 1!

another poll!! this one obviously was done before Christmas last year..but i just wanna share because: ARASHI was at the top ranking!! yeay!!


Celebrities you most want to spend Christmas with

Check out the results below for both men and women.

5. Ikuta Toma

4. Okada Junichi (V6)

3. Fukuyama Masaharu

2. Mukai Osamu

1. Arashi

5. Inoue Waka

4. AKB48

3. Ishihara Satomi

2. Yuuki Maomi

1. Yu-ka

Which celebrity do ladies want to give chocolate on Valentine's day?

source: tokyohive

this was taken from Tokyohive..well i'm so glad with the result because my Jun-kun and my sister's Sho-kun are here!!

Which celebrity do ladies want to give a chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day in Japan is a time for ladies to give a chocolate to their loved ones (or co-workers, friends, family, etc). Online marketing research company, iResearch (Media Intera’ctive) held a survey about Valentine’s Day, and one of the questions was “Which celebrity would you want to give a chocolate on Valentine’s Day?” The question was asked to 313 female in their 20s to 30s and the results from the survey are shown below.

9. Kato Seishiro

9. Ishikawa Ryo

8. Ichiro (Suzuki Ichiro)

7. Tamaki Hiroshi

6. Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)

4. Sato Takeru

4. Miura Haruma

3. Sakurai Sho (Arashi)

1. Mukai Osamu

1. Fukuyama Masaharu